The Hellenic Book Service

Despite its name, supplies all Classics books. Provides bookshop at all ArLT events.

The Classics Bookshop  Formerly in Oxford, now online

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A School Leavers Guide to getting a Job in Scotland

Guide to Writing a Career Development Plan

An in-depth guide about the importance of having a career development plan, with helpful information on

why it is important and how it can help a person accelerate and excel in life and in their chosen field, how to craft a career development plan and much more.

Remote Working & Mental Health: A Young Professional’s Guide

free, informative, relevant to these times, and helpful to young people

Select My Tutor

Select My Tutor is UK based tutoring website. If you are facing problem regarding tutor searching then we will help you to find your private tutor. Here on this platform, you will find a number of tutors from which you can select the best tutor.

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Drama and theatre

The Actors of Dionysus

Didascalia  An on-line academic magazine on Greek drama.

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Other resources

The Classics Library  The main page for classroom resources for schools

Loxias (900 classical pages by Andrew Wilson)

The Perseus Project Vast resources of ancient texts and pictures

Promoting Latin (American emphasis, with plenty of campaigning material.)

Pyrrha (The video ‘Roman Writing Unravelled’)

David Parsons (One former teacher’s classroom resources)

Forum Romanum An immense resource of ancient texts and pictures

David Swift’s Classical Resource Centre

The British Museum

Latinum Latin Language course and audio resources for learning to speak and read Latin fluently

CICERO competition website

Iota and Iris Magazines

The Ermine Street Guard –  a reenactment group that puts on a good Roman day in school

Check the Roman date for your classroom

Listen to a good reading of Iliad 18, lines 39-96, including the tonal accent, Other Greek extracts are also on this site.

Hear all the tunes that survive from the Greek world. You may be convinced …

Classical Resource Centre – Links to various useful resources

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An International Student’s Guide to UK University (COVID-19)

The guide covers important topics such as:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on young people’s mental wellbeing and the education sector’s framework to emerge from lockdown safely.
  • Advice for students studying in the UK, Coronavirus FAQs, what to expect, and how the new academic year might look like.
  • Links to sources of up-to-date guidance and support for international students.
  • Other useful information for students moving to the UK to study.


The Ultimate Guide to University Admissions interviews

The guide showcases some of the most common questions asked during an interview, as well as tips on how students can best answer them. It also shares advice on how to present oneself to make a good impression; such as being assertive (but not overbearing), using strong and confident body language, type of clothes to wear, and plenty of other practical and useful information.

Michael Morris – Freelance Writer | Web Researcher Digital Content & Media email: [email protected]
[email protected]

The MyTutor Guide to UCAS: Your One-Stop Guide

This guide contains plenty of helpful information such as:

  • A complete and up-to-date guide about the Maths GCSE exams that parents can use to inform themselves and help their kids get ahead in preparing for the said exam.
  • Plenty of practical and useful information including details on exam boards, mark schemes, key exam dates for 2020, key stats on areas and Maths topics where students struggle the most, as well as useful tips to passing the exam from an expert Maths tutor.
  • Other helpful tips and advice about Maths GCSE – including a handy infographic comparing the latest 1-9 marking scheme (introduced from 2015 onwards) with the old A*-G system which parents would be most used to.
  • Links to useful resources such as study notes, Maths revision guides, past papers for each exam board, as well as relevant textbooks that parents and their kids will find very helpful.

Classics Teacher Training – at Cambridge

All UK Universities with Classics departments are listed here

Oxford University Classics

Oxford Classics outreach

Cambridge University Classics

Council of University Classics Departments.

C.N.A.R.E.L.A. (French Classical Association)

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