Reading Competition 2022

  25th February 2022

Closing date 25th February 2022

The competition is divided into three sections: Junior (Years 8 & 9), Intermediate (Years 10 & 11) and Senior (Years 12 & 13). Schools may enter 3 candidates for the Junior section and 2 candidates each for the Intermediate and Senior. Please record your students in mp3 format and enter details in the form below.

Junior section

Record yourself reading Cambridge Latin Course Stage 18 p102 ‘pro taberna Clementis’ lines 12-34 (‘Eutychus cachinnans … inquit Clemens.’) A copy of the text is available online and an audio file is provided below: the extract begins at about 1 minute 30 seconds. We are grateful to the Cambridge Schools Classics Project for providing this recording, which should only be used for purposes of preparing for the competition and should not be shared with any other parties.

CLC St 18 sample reading

Intermediate section

Record yourself reading Virgil Aeneid 2 507-525 ‘urbis uti captae … in sede locavit’.  Please pay careful attention to the macrons marked in the text.

Senior section

Record yourself reading Aeneid 11 539-563 ‘pulsus ob invidiam … in iaculo stridente Camilla’

 Please pay careful attention to the macrons marked in the text.

Entries will be judged on accuracy of pronunciation and ability to convey the meaning and mood of the passage.  For verse, sensitivity to metre will also be noted.  These features will be given approximately equal weighting.  Short vowels that are elided should be completely dropped where appropriate; long vowels in elision should be pronounced short and run together with the succeeding vowel in such a way as to fit one metrical slot (synaloepha). Sample readings of the Virgil passages can be found below.

Special focus: quantities – make sure you observe long and short vowels. Macrons are marked in all texts.

Advice on pronunciation can be found at Read it Right!

Advice on reading hexameters can be found here.

Virgil Aeneid 2 and 11 sample readings