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A communicative approach to teaching Latin and Ancient Greek


“When our classes focus predominantly on teaching students about the language rather than to use the language, classrooms become stifling environments where only the most capable students can be successful”. – Martha Abbott, Latin teacher

Blaine Ray, the inventor of TPRS, to give workshops in London, Oxford & Cambridge (November 5-8)

Blaine Ray, who developed the TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) methodology, will be explaining and demonstrating all, for the first time in the UK, to teachers at workshops in London, Cambridge & Oxford in November 2012.

Following on from Bob Patrick’s sessions on TPRS at the 2010 ArLT summer camp, the spring 2011 edition of The Journal of Classics Teaching on communicative teaching, Keith Rogers’ sessions on Latin Speaking Clubs at the 2011 JACT INSET day and David Carter’s sessions covering Stephen Krashen’s linguistic theories at the 2012 ArLT refresher day, this is yet another opportunity for teachers interested in using a communicative method in their classrooms.

TPR Storytelling is a growing movement among foreign language teachers, particularly in the United States, and it is beginning to spread to other countries. In the United States the method has gained vocal support from an increasing core of language teachers and some school districts use it exclusively in their foreign language programs.

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