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ARLT Latin Reading Competition

 2011 - results

Senior section:

1. Alex Bennett (Loughborough Grammar)     mp3

2. Brahm Jagpal (Malvern St James)               mp3

3. Oliver Davies (King Edward VI Stratford)     mp3


Junior section:

1. Henry Hodson (King Edward VI Stratford)  mp3

2. Elizabeth Rees (Malvern St James)              mp3


The passage this year was the description of the portent in Aeneid II where Iulus’ hair blazes with divine fire, confirming the gods’ message to Anchises that he should agree to leave Troy with Aeneas and the rest of the family. We introduced our on-line reading competition last year, and once again entry levels were rather low (from 5 schools). We would really like more entries and we encourage schools to get involved. If there are reasons why it is difficult for schools to enter, we would very much like to hear them – is the timing of the competition right? Or the nature of the passage to be read?

The judges again very much enjoyed the task of judging and felt that it was a very worthwhile experience. The standard of entries was similar to last year. About half the candidates showed a pleasing sensitivity to the metre, but others did not reflect, for example, enjambement of some lines. Teachers are encouraged to refer to the guidance on reading verse on the website: .

Candidates responded to the meaning and mood well. There were still some problems with quantities (check in the dictionary!) and the rendering of 's' as 'z'. Once again there were some technical issues. Two entries were incomplete, and it is clearly important to listen all the way through to check the success of recordings. There was background chatter in some cases which detracted from the effect.

Hilary Walters

Hinc ferro accingor rursus clipeoque sinistram

insertabam aptans meque extra tecta ferebam.

ecce autem complexa pedes in limine coniunx

haerebat, parvumque patri tendebat Iulum:

'si periturus abis, et nos rape in omnia tecum;

sin aliquam expertus sumptis spem ponis in armis,

hanc primum tutare domum. cui parvus Iulus,

cui pater et coniunx quondam tua dicta relinquor?'

Talia vociferans gemitu tectum omne replebat,

cum subitum dictuque oritur mirabile monstrum.

namque manus inter maestorumque ora parentum

ecce levis summo de vertice visus Iuli

fundere lumen apex, tactuque innoxia mollis

lambere flamma comas et circum tempora pasci.

nos pavidi trepidare metu crinemque flagrantem

excutere et sanctos restinguere fontibus ignis.

at pater Anchises oculos ad sidera laetus

extulit et caelo palmas cum voce tetendit:

'Iuppiter omnipotens, precibus si flecteris ullis,

aspice nos, hoc tantum, et si pietate meremur,

da deinde auxilium, pater, atque haec omina firma.'