Classics Departments

“The study of Latin language and literature is fascinating and rewarding in its own right”

“So yes Classics is alive and well here – and actually developing apace. Long may that continue!”

“The old argument that Latin is dead is, frankly, dead”

“We have Philosophy and Latin in our key stage 3 curriculum as key thinking skills underpin all successful learners and achievers. “

“…offers a wide range of flexible courses which can be tailored to the student’s needs and academic goals”

but appears to be no Classics here.

“We believe that Education is about giving opportunities to others so that they may have the freedom to make choices “

- but appears to be  no Classics here. WSA

A work in progress -please be aware that links to schools and/or school departments may change at any time.  * Updated 4/2019


Badminton School, Westbury on Trym     *

Latin, Greek GCSE/A/AS | AS Class.Civ       

Bristol Grammar School                            *

Latin, Greek, Class. Civ.? Order a Prospectus   

Clifton College, Bristol                             *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation    

Clifton College Prep. School, Bristol        *  

Latin, Classics, Greek          

Clifton High School, Bristol                      *

Latin GCSE/A                      

Colston’s Girls School, Bristol                 *

Latin GCSE : A/AS                             

Downside School, Bath                 *

Latin, Greek                                           

Fairfield High School, Bristol                   *

Latin taster | Classical Civilisation

Kingswood School, Bath                         *

Latin, Classical Civilisation                      

Monkton Combe School, nr Bath           *

Latin GCSE/ AS/A2 , Class. Civ.             

Prior Park College, Bath                        *

Classical Civilisation  |  Latin                        

Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School, Bristol   *

Latin, Greek, GCSE/A/AS                  

 Redmaids High School, Westbury on Trym    *

 Latin, Classical Civilisation                    

Royal High School, Bath                      *

GCSE Latin | Greek | Class Civ | AL CC | Latin   

 St Mary Redcliffe and Temple, Bristol    *

 A/AS Classical Civilisation  

Winterbourne Academy, Bristol          *

Classical Civilisation A/AS?              


Bedford School                             *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civ. GCSE, A/AS, IB   

Bedford Girls School                      *

Latin GCSE | Latin, Class. Civ.VI Form  

Bedford Modern School                  *

Latin GCSE/A/AS | Classics GCSE/A/AS    

 Redborne Community College, Ampthill    *

 GCSE Latin, A/AS Classical Civ. Greek      


Bradfield College                              *

GCSE Greek, Latin | A/AS  | IB             

Downe House , Thatcham               *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation  

Eton College                                  *

Latin, Greek,  Classical Civilisation          

Heathfield School, Ascot              *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE A/AS     

Horris Hill Prep., Newbury              *

Latin, Greek                                          

Kendrick Girls' G. S. Reading          *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation           

Leighton Park School, Reading          *

MFL and Latin                                         

Luckeley House School, Wokingham      *

Latin | A/AS Classical Civilisation             

Papplewick Preparatory School, Ascot    *


Queen Anne’s  School, Caversham        *

Latin, Classical Civilisation                  

Reading School                          *

Latin, Greek, A.History ?               

 Reading Blue Coat School            *

 Latin GCSE                                    

 St Bartholomews School, Newbury     *

 Latin GCSE | A/A Classical Civilisation        

St Bernard’s Catholic Grammar, Slough   *

GCSE Latin | A/AS Latin, Ancient History   pdfs

St Gabriel’s Girls School, Newbury        *

GCSE Latin, Greek, Cl. Civ| AL Latin, Cl. Civ   

St George’s School, Ascot               *

GCSE Latin, A/AS Classical Civilisation,     

St Georges’s School, Windsor Castle     *

latin, Greek                                               

St. John’s Beaumont Prep., Old Windsor  *


St Joseph’s School, Reading              *

Latin GCSE?( Request prospectus)  trip               

St Mary’s School, Ascot            *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation          

Sunningdale Preparatory School          *

Latin, Greek                                               

 The Marist School, Sunninghill           *

 Latin, Classical Civilisation          

 Wellington College, Crowthorne        *

 Latin, Greek, Ancient History        


Aylesbury Grammar School        *

 Ancient History, Latin (pdf)  

Ashfold Prep School, Aylesbury     *

Latin core subject                               

Beaconsfield High School       *

GCSE Latin | A/AS Latin     

Dr Challoner’s H. S., Little Chalfont       *

Latin, Classics GCSE | A/AS Latin, Class. Civ   

St Bernard’s School, Slough            *

Latin GCSE  Latin A/AS                   

Stowe School, Buckingham          *

Latin, Greek at GCSE and A Level         

Swanbourne House, Milton Keynes      *

Latin, Greek                                           

The Royal Grammar Sch High Wycombe   *

Latin, Ancient History  

Wycombe Abbey School             *

Latin, Greek, Class Civ at GCSE and AS/A2   

Wycombe High School            *

Latin, Class. Civ.                            


Chesterton Community College        *


Cottenham Village College, Cottenham    *

Latin GCSE                                        

Hills Road 6 Form College, Cambridge    *

Classical Civilisation | Latin                

 Jack Hunt School, Peterborough       *


King’s Ely                      *

Classical Civilisation, Latin,  Greek,     

Longsands Academy, St. Neots         *

Classical Civilisation,  Latin                 

Oundle School, Peterborough            *

Latin,Greek, Classical Civilisation          

Parkside (Federation Academies)         *

Ancient History | Latin IB                    

Stephen Perse Foundation Sch. for Girls  *

GCSE Latin| Greek| A/AS Latin/Greek| Cl. Civ.

Soham Village College               *


 St Ivo School, St Ives                      *

 Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS        

St John’s College School, Cambridge       *

Latin | Greek                                     

St Mary's, Cambridge               *

GCSE Latin | Cl. Civ | A/AS Greek | A/AS  Latin      

The King’s (Cathedral) Sch Peterborough  *

Latin, Classical Civilisation                

The Leys School, Cambridge           *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation         

The Perse School, Cambridge         *

Ancient History, Greek, Latin             

The Peterborough School           *

Latin GCSE                                          

Channel Islands

Elizabeth College, St.Peter Port, Guernsey *

Latin |  Greek | Classical Civilisation    

Ladies’ College,  St.Peter Port, Guernsey   *

GCSE,A/AS Latin, AS Greek, Ancient History    


Alderley Edge Girls School               *

Latin GCSE | A/AS Latin, Class. Civ.           

 All Hallows Catholic Coll. Macclesfield     *

 Latin GCSE                                       

Altrincham Grammar School for Boys      *

Latin GCSE | AS/A2, Greek( prospectus)       

 Blessed Thomas Holford, Altrincham       *

 Latin? Classical Civilisation                

Cheadle Hulme School          *

GCSE, A/AS Latin, Classical Civ. Greek    

King’s School, Chester           *

Latin, Cl. Civ. AS/A GCSE(look under “Typical Day”)

Loreto Grammar School, Altrincham       *

Latin, Class Civ GCSE | A/AS Latin, Class Civ?

 Sandbach College                     *

 Classical Civilisation  

 St Ambrose College, Altrincham         *

 Latin GCSE                                          

Stockport Grammar School       *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS      

 Terra Nova School, Jodrell Bank        *


The King’s School, Macclesfield         *

Latin GCSE/A/AS,A/AS Class. Civ.      

The Queen’s School, Chester         *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation            


Truro High School                      *

GCSE, AL Latin| Class. Civ.| occasional Greek   

County Durham

Barnard Castle School             *

Latin, A.History, GCSE | Latin, Cl Civ A/AS  

Durham Johnston Comp School, Durham    *

Latin GCSE | A/AS?                                    

Durham School                         *

Latin | Classical Civilisation                      


Austin Friars St Monica’s School, Carlisle   *

GCSE Class.Civ. (Latin)  | A/AS C. Civ.       

Sedbergh School                *

Latin, Greek, Class Civ GCSE/A  Level       

St. Bees School, St. Bees            *

Latin/Classics to come?                         


Derby Grammar School           *

Latin, Classical Civilisation               

Repton School                      *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation         


Blundells, Tiverton                      *

GCSE Latin, Greek | AS/A Latin, Classl Civ    

Devonport H. S. for Boys, Plymouth        *

GCSE Ancient History, Latin | AL A.History  

Exeter School                               *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation             

Exeter Cathedral School                   *


 Exeter College                                *

 Classical Civilisation                            

Petroc College, Barnstaple             *

AL Classical Civilisation                    

Plymouth College                       *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation          

The Maynard School, Exeter       *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation            



Bournemouth School                     *

Latin GCSE | A/AS gone                        

Bryanston School, Bryanston          *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation             

Canford School, Wimborne             *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation               

 Clayesmore School, Blandford        *

 GCSE/  A/AS  Latin                              

Dumpton School, Wimborne          *


Highcliffe School, Christchurch           *

Latin GCSE

Knighton House , Blandford Forum    *


Leweston School, Sherborne          *

Latin /Classical St. GCSE |  Latin AS/A          

Port Regis Prep School, Shaftsbury,       *

Latin, Greek, Classical Studies          

Sherborne School                            *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation, A. History   

Sherborne School for Girls           *

GCSE | Sixth Form Latin, Greek,Cll Civ.    

St Mary’s School, Shaftsbury               *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE  | ALevel      

Talbot Heath School, Bournemouth     *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS

 The Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester    *

 A/AS Classical Civilisation   (prospectrus.pdf)        

 The Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis        *

 Classical Studies|Latin     (curriculum guide.pdf)

E Riding of Yorkshire


Hymers College, Hull                    *

Latin GCSE  / A/AS      

Hull Collegiate School                   *

Latin GCSE, A/AS                                     


Bancroft’s School, Woodford Green      *

Latin, Greek Classical Civ. GCSE  A/AS      

Brentwood School                     *

Latin, Greek,  Classical Civilisation         

Brentwood Ursuline Convent H.S.     *

GCSE Latin, Classical Civ. AL Latin -  all gone?        

Chelmsford County H.S.for Girls        *

Latin GCSE/A/AS/IB  |  A/AS Latin, Cl. Civ.   

Chigwell School                        *

GCSE/A/AS Latin, Greek | A/AS Cl Civ.

Colchester County H.S.for Girls          *

Latin GCSE/A/AS | Classical Civilisation      

Colchester Royal Grammar School        *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS    

Felsted School                               *

GCSE C.Civ, Latin | A/AS Latin, Class Civ     

 Harris Academy, Chafford Hundred      *

Latin GCSE,  | A/AS

 Harris Riverside Academy, Chafford      *


Holmwood Prep School, Colchester           *


 Kew House School, Brentford             *

 Latin GCSE | A/AS (pdfs)

King Edward VI G.S. Chelmsford        *

Latin GCSE/A/AS                            

New Hall School, Chelmsford           *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation

Sacred Heart of Mary Girls, Havering     *

Class. Civ.GCSE/A/AS  | Latin club

Saffron Walden County High School       *

GCSE/A/AS Latin | A/AS Classical Civ.   

Seevic College, Benfleet               *

Classical Civilisation A/AS

Southend High School for Girls           *

“Classic Language” as a “facilitating” subject   (?)     

Woodford County High School for Girls    *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS  


Beaudesert Park Sch. Minchinhampton     *

Latin, Greek     

Cheltenham College                   *

Latin, Greek, GCSE | Latin, Greek, CC. A/AS   

Cheltenham Ladies’ College         *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civ. GCSE/A/AS/IB       

 Cirencester College                 *

 Classical Civilisation, Ancient History

Dean Close School, Cheltenham         *

Latin, Classical Civilisation,  Greek

Marling School, Stroud                  *

Latin A/AS? |  GCSE Latin

St Edward’s, Cheltenham           *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation

The King's School, Gloucester            *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation              

Westonbirt School, Tetbury         *



 Alton School                                  *

 Latin, Classical Civilisation to AL               

Bedales School, Petersfield             *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation             

Bishop Luffa C.E. School, Chichester          *

Latin GCSE   AS/A                                  

 Ditcham Park, School, Ditcham          *

 Latin GCSE                              

 Farnborough Hill School, Farnborough     *

 Latin, Class. Civ. GCSE/A/AS , Greek GCSE

Highfield Preparatory School, Liphook     *


King Edward VI School, Southampton     *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation             

King's School Winchester             *

Latin GCSE                                        

Lord Wandsworth College Hook         *

Classics and Latin GCSE/AS/A          

Peter Symonds College, Winchester     *

Classical Civilisation | Latin                  

 Portsmouth College                           *

 Classical Civilisation                     

Portsmouth Grammar School           *

GCSE/A/AS/IB Latin, Greek, Classical Civ.      

Portsmouth High School for Girls        *

GCSE/A/AS Latin                                 

Salesian College, Farnborough          *

Classics GCSE | A/AS Classical Civilisation      

Sherfield School,  Sherfield-on-Loddon    *


St Michael’s School, Burghclere           *

 Latin GCSE                                          

St Nicholas’ School, Fleet                   *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE              

St Swithun’s , Winchester                *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation             

Westgate School, Winchester        *

Latin GCSE   (pdf)                                     

 West Hill Park school, Titchfield         *


Winchester College                    *

Latin, Greek GCSE/AS/ iGCSE/Pre-U             

 Yateley Manor Prep School         *

 Latin and Classics                     

Hereford and Worcester

Hereford Cathedral School    *

Latin,  Greek, Classical Civilisation             

Hereford Sixth Form College      *

Classical Civ. A/AS                                 

St Mary’s, Worcester        *

6 Form Latin, Classical Civ. | GCSE Latin   


Aldenham School, Elstree            *

Latin,  Class. Civ GCSE/A/AS      

Beechwood Park, Markyate          *

Classics, Latin, Greek                      

Berkhamsted Sch. Boys/Girls/6th Form   *

GCSE Latin, Class Civ| A/AS Class Civ, Latin     

Bishops Stortford College            *

Latin GCSE/A/AS | A/AS Class. Civ.         

Bishop's Stortford High School       *

Latin A/AS                                  

Freman College, Buntingford        *

Latin Curriculum booklets| 6 Form Prospectus

Haileybury, Hertford Heath         *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civ. GCSE/A/AS/IB     

Hitchen Boys School               *

Latin, Classical Civilisation - consortium     

Hitchen Girls School                  *

Latin, Classical Civilisation, Greek                

Kingshott School, Hitchen      *


Loreto College, St Albans         *

Latin GCSE/A/AS | Classical Civ.A/AS           

Mount House, Hadley Wood      *

 Latin GCSE/A/AS | Class. Civ. GCSE/A/AS   

Richard Hale School, Hertford       *

Latin (extra curricular from year 8-11)pdf

St Albans School                    *

Latin, Greek GCSE/A/AS | A.History A/AS     

St Alban’s Cathedral Study Centre      *

Beginner’s Latin and N.T. Greek          

 St Albans High School for Girls         *

 Latin, Greek, Classical  Civilisation                

St Edmund’s College,Ware            *

Latin GCSE                  

St Francis’ College, Letchworth      *

 Latin, Classical Civilisation                               

St Margaret’s School, Bushey      *

GCSE Latin,  AS/A Classical Civilisation          

The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ , Elstree

Latin GCSE/A/AS                                

The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Girls’ Elstree     *

GCSE Greek, Latin, Classical Civ | A/AS      

The Royal Masonic Sch , Rickmansworth   *

GCSE Latin ; A/AS Class. Civ., Latin  

Watford Grammar School for Boys        *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE / A / AS  

Watford Grammar School for Girls         *

Latin, Class Civ. GCSE/A/AS | Greek GCSE     

York House School, Rickmansworth      *


Isle of Wight

Christ the King School, Newport          *

GCSE  Latin, A.History| A/AS Latin, Class Civ

 The Island Free School, Ventnor         *

 Latin GCSE      pdf


Benenden School, Cranbrook           *

Latin, Greek GCSE/ AS/A | Class.Civ. AS/A   

Bennett Memorial Diocesan, Tunbridge    *

Latin GCSE | Class Civ A/AS | curriculum pdfs

 Beths Grammar School, Bexley         *

 “……..and Latin”?                           

Bexley Grammar School, Welling         *

Latin, Ancient History, Class.Civ.        

 Bishop Justus C.E., Bromley        *

Classics and  Latin in prospectus  pdf   

Chatham Grammar School for Girls      *

Latin, Greek?, Classical Civilisation          

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School    *

Latin GCSE | Classical Civilisation A/AS    

Cobham Hall                   *

Latin GCSE, IB

Cranbrook School                  *

 Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS     

Dartford Grammar School            *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation     

 Dover College                      *

  Junior Latin                                     

Dover Grammar School for Girls          *

Latin, Classical Civilisation, Classics AS/A

 Dulwich Prep School, Cranbrook       *


Harris Girls Academy, Bromley          *


Kent College, Tunbridge Wells         *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/AS/A      

King’s School, Canterbury             *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation       

King’s School, Rochester             *

Senior Greek, Latin, Class Civ,  Junior Latin

Maidstone Grammar School         *

Latin | Classical Civ. | Greek, subject to….

Newstead Wood, Orpington         *

 Latin, Classical Civilisation   

Oakwood Park Grammar, Maidstone     *

GCSE Latin - gone       

 Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar, Faversham   *

 Latin  - gone?  

 Rochester Grammar School          *

 A/AS Classical Civilisation

Sevenoaks School                    *

Latin, Greek, Class Civ throughout school   

Simon Langton Girls G S, Canterbury     *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation     

St Edmund’s School, Canterbury       *

GCSE Latin| Classical Civilisation       

Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical Sch   *

GCSE Latin | Classical Civilisation   

 St Lawrence College, Ramsgate         *

 Latin GCSE -gone?             

St Olave’s Grammar School , Orpington     *

Latin, Greek GCSE | Latin, Class Civ. A/AS

The Judd School                    *

Latin, GCSE/A/AS                    

The Rochester Grammar School         *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation      

Tonbridge Grammar School         *

 Latin GCSE | A/AS                      

 Tonbridge School                         *

 Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation  

Townley Grammar School, Bexley        *

Latin GCSE | Classical Civilisation A/AS   

Walthamstow Hall School, Sevenoaks      *

GCSE Latin, Greek?| A/AS Latin, Class Civ



AKS , Lytham                     *

Latin  - gone?       

Birkdale High School                  *

GCSE Classical Civilisation - gone      

Bolton School  Boys Division       *

Latin | Greek | Classical Civilisation     

Bolton School Girls Division           *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation       

Bury Grammar School for Girls          *

GCSE Latin  |  A/AS Latin, Class. Civ.  

Canon Slade School, Bolton            *

GCSE Latin | A/AS Classical Civ.| A/AS Latin  

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School        *

GCSE Latin - gone | A/AS Class. Civ    

Kirkham Grammar School                  *

Latin GCSE/A/AS | Greek Club         

Lancaster Girls Grammar School        *

Latin “Club” within Languages dept.    

Lancaster Royal Grammar School         *

Latin, Greek to Oxbridge entrance level   

Oldham Hulme Grammar School          *

GCSE Latin? |  A/AS  Latin | Class. Civ.    

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar Blackburn     *

Latin, Classical Civ GCSE | AS/A level  C.Civ. Latin

 Rossall School                       *

 Latin and Greek now firmly back on the curriculum!

Stoneyhurst College, Clitheroe         *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation   

The Deanery High School, Wigan         *

Latin GCSE /AS/A  - gone?              

Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton       *

GCSE Latin | AS/A Latin | Classical Civilisation


Leicester Grammar School                 *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation

Leicester High  School for Girls           *

Latin Club                                 

Loughborough Grammar School          *

Latin, Greek, Class Civ GCSE/A2      

Loughborough High School               *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation     

Medway Community Primary School        *


Ratcliffe College, Leicester              *

Latin GCSE | AS/A                


Caistor Grammar School                  *

Latin GCSE | Class Civ A/AS      

Kesteven and Sleaford High School         *

Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS - all gone?

Queen Elizabeth’s H S, Gainsborough       *

AS Classical Civilisation    - gone      

Spalding High School                           *

Classics, Latin                   

Spalding Grammar School                *

Latin GCSE/A/AS          

Witham Hall Prep, Bourne              *



 Bellerive FCJ Catholic Coll. Sefton Park  *

 Latin, Classical Civilisation       gone?

 Liverpool Classics Hub                     *

Liverpool College           *

Latin GCSE | Classical Civulisation/A/AS ??  

 Liverpool College Middle School           *

 Latin and Classics                

St Francis Xavier’s College, Liverpool       *

Latin, Greek GCSE/A/AS  - all gone?    

The Blue Coat School, Liverpool           *

Latin GCSE/AS/A           


 Addy & Stanhope School, New Cross,S14E  *


Alleyn’s School, Dulwich SE22             *

Latin, Greek | Classical Civilisation     

Alperton Community School, Brent       *

Latin GCSE  pdf                            

Arnold House Primary St John’s Wood NW8     *

Latin, Greek                            

Ashbourne S F College, Kensington W8    *

A/AS Classical Civilisation | A/AS Latin     

 Bishop Challoner’s Fed. Tower Hamlets E1   *

 Latin ?                                       

 Bishop Thomas Grant School, SW16       *

 Latin GCSE     pdf                          

Blackheath High School for Girls           *

Latin,Greek | Classics/Latin  AS/A2      

Brampton College, Hendon NW4          *

 Latin  | Classical Civilisation A/AS     

Burntwood School SW17                  *

GCSE Latin, | AL Classics  Latin  download

Camden School for Girls               *

 Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation   

Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, W14    *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation     

Channing School, Highgate               *

Latin, Greek, Class Civ GCSE/AS/A    

Chingford Foundation School E4          *

Latin GCSE                          

 City Lit, Covent Garden, WC2B          *

 Latin, Greek                   

City of London School for Boys EC4       *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civ. GCSE/A/AS   

City of London School for Girls, Barbican    *

Greek, Latin, Classical Civ GCSE/A/AS      

Colfe’s School, SE12                             *

A/AS Classical Civ| Latin | Greek      

 Collingham College,SW5               *

 GCSE Latin Greek CC.| A/AS A.H/Latin/Greek/Classics  

Croydon High School                       *

Latin, Greek GCSE| Latin, Class Civ A/AS  

 Devonshire House Prep. School, NW3    *


Drayton Manor High School W7        *

Latin GCSE  | A/AS in prospectus          

Dulwich College, SE21                     *

Latin, Greek GCSE | A/AS Ancient History  

Dulwich Preparatory School SE21       *


Durston House, W5                              *


 E.London Science Sch., Bromley-by-Bow  *

 Latin and Greek to GCSE  | A Level Latin  

Eltham College, Mottingham SE9           *

GC SE Latin and Greek | A/AS Latin      

Emanuel School SW11                    *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS    

Falkner House  Girls Prep School , SW7      *

Latin, Classical Studies          

Forest School E17                        *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civ. | A/AS | GCSE ??

Francis Holland Sch, Regent’s Park NW1     *

 Latin | Greek | Classical Civilisation   

Francis Holland School, Sloane Sq. SW1     *

Latin, Classical Civ GCSE | A/AS Class. Civ  

 Fulham Boys' School W14              *

 Latin GCSE? Latin taster

Godolphin and Latymer W6            *

Latin, Greek, Class. Civ. GCSE/AS/A/IB   

 Greig City Academy, Hornsey, N8           *

 Latin GCSE  download

 Harris Academy, Battersea, SW11        *

 Latin ?

Harris Academy, Bromley SW15         *

Latin | Classical Civilisation  

 Harris Academy, Tottenham, N17       *


 Harris Academy, Wimbledon SW20         *


Harris Girls Academy,East Dulwich  SE22    *

Latin GCSE                         

Haydon School, Pinner HA5                  *

Latin - gone | Classical Civilisation    

Highgate School, N6                       *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civ. GCSE/A/AS   

Holland Park School, W8                    *

Latin GCSE | A Level Latin             

Ibstock Place Sch, Roehampton SW15     *

GCSE | A/AS Latin, Greek, Classical Civ.

James Allen’s Girls’ School, SE22           *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civ GCSE/AS/A     

 Jewish Community Secondary, New Barnet  *

  GCSE Latin | A/AS Latin and Classical Civilisation

Kelmscott School, Walthamstow E17       *

Latin, Greek, Classics                 

 Kensington Park School SW7          *

 GCSE Class.Civ  | AL Latin ?        

Kew House School, TW8               *

GCSE Latin  A/AS   pdf download             

King’s College School, Wimbledon SW19    *

GCSE Latin | Senior Latin, Greek

Kingsdale Foundation School, SW20       *

Latin GCSE                             

Latymer Upper School, Hammersmith     *

GCSE Latin, Greek,| A/AS Greek, Latin C.C.

Lyndhurst House Prep School,  NW3      *

Latin, Greek

Maria Fidelis Convent School, NW1       *


 Marylebone Boys’ School, NW6             *

 GCSE Latin |A/AS Latin

Mill Hill County High School, NW7          *

Latin GCSE| AS/A    

Mill Hill School, NW7                        *

Latin and Classical Civilisation GCSE, AS/A   

More House School,  SW1                *   

Latin, Classical Civilisation

Mossbourne Community Academy,  E5      *

GCSE Latin .pdf | A/AS Latin, Class. Civ.   

Newton Preparatory School, SW8         *


North Bridge House, Hampstead NW3  *

Latin, Classics GCSE  

Northcote Lodge, SW11               *


North London Collegiate School              *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation  

Notting Hill and Ealing High School  W13     *

Latin, Greek GCSE /AS/A  

 Oasis Academy South bank, Lambeth SE1     *

  Latin at KS3?

Old Palace of John Whitgift Sch Croydon    *

GCSE/AS/A Class. Civ, Latin, Greek  

 Pimlico Academy, SW1                         *

 Latin, Ancient History GCSE/A/AS

Putney High School                         *

GCSE/AS/A Latin, Classical Civilisation

Queen’s College, W1                     *

Latin Greek, Classical Civilisation   

Queen Elizabeth’s School Boys’ Barnet      *

GCSE Latin

Queen’s Gate School, SW7            *

Latin, Greek, Ancient History, Class. Civ.  

Richmond Park Academy SW14                *

Latin GCSE | Greek Club

Riverside Montessori School, E2               *

 Latin, Classics   

 Sacred Heart High School, W6               *

 Classical Civilisation   

 Skinners’ Acad. Woodberry Grove, N4      *


South Hampstead H. S. for Girls, NW6      *

Latin and Greek throughout the school   

St Anthony’s Boys Prep., NW3               *

Latin, Greek                            

St Augustine’s Priory School, Ealing W5     *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation       

St Benedict’s School, Ealing W5              *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS  

St Dunstan’s College SE6                      *

Latin, Class.Civ. A/AS | GCSE          

St James’ Senior Girls School, W14      *

Latin | Greek GCSE/A/AS         

St Marylebone CE School, W1U         *

Latin GCSE | Class. Civ A/AS | Latin A/AS

St Michael’s Catholic Gr Sch Finchley N12     *

6 Form Latin, Class. Civ.| GCSE Latin .pdf  

St Paul’s Boys School  SW13                 *

Latin, Greek, Ancient History          

St Paul’s Girls School, Hammersmith W6     *

Classics | Greek | Latin           

St Paul’s Way Trust School, E3               *

 GCSE Latin       

Streatham and Clapham School, SW16    *

Latin GCSE | A/AS Class.Civ. Latin      

 Stoke Newington Sch. & Sixth Form N16    *

 GCSE Latin | A/AS Classical Civilisation       

 St.Richard Reynolds Catholic, Twickenham   *

 Latin GCSE                               

Sussex House SW1                         *

Latin, Greek                         

Sydenham High School SE26                *

GCSE Latin | A/AS Class. Civ., Latin    

The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial Sch W14     *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation        

The Cedars Catholic School, Croydon       *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation        

The Charter School, Dulwich SE24           *


The Classics Academy, W3               *

Latin, Greek                            

 The Hall School, NW3                        *

 Latin, Greek, Classics            

The Harrodian School, SW13            *

Latin | Classical Civilisation       

The Henrietta Barnet School NW11      *    

Latin,Greek, Classical Civilisation    

 The John Roan, Greenwich, SE3           *

 Latin (as enrichment)      

The King Alfred School, NW11              *

Latin GCSE : A/AS Latin, Class. Civ.

The Latymer School, N6                *

Latin GCSE/AS/A                    

The London Oratory School SW6         *

Latin, Greek, Ancient History       

 Thomas’s Battersea                      *

 Classics, Latin                         

Thomas’s Kensington, W8              *

Classics, Latin                          

Trinity School, Croydon               *

Classical Civilisation | Latin/Greek  GCSE/A/AS    

Twyford CE High School, Acton W3      *

Latin GCSE                               

University College Sch, Hampstead NW3   *

Latin, Greek                    

Virgo Fidelis Convent Senior  SW19      *

Class Civ. A/AS, Latin extra curricular?   All gone?

Wanstead High School, E11            *

 Classical Civilisation       brochure.pdf            

Westminster School SW1                  *

Latin,Greek | Sixth Form Latin, Greek ?      

West London Free School W6            *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/AS/A       

Wetherby Preparatory School, W1H        *

Latin, Classical Civilisation              

Whitgift School, South Croydon             *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation  

Willington Preparatory School, SW19       *


Wimbledon High School  SW19           *

Latin, Greek GCSE/A/AS            

Woodhouse College, Finchley, N12         *

Classical Civilisation                 


Oldham Hulme Grammar School              *

GCSE? AS/A Latin|.pdf   

 Parrs Wood High School                         *

 Ancient History  - course leaflet  

 Salford City College                      *

 Classical Civilisation              

St Bede’s College                           *

 GCSE Latin, Class Civ.| A/AS  

 St Mary's RC High School                  *

 Will offer Latin next year?

The Manchester Grammar School      *

Latin, Greek, Class. GCSE/AS/A       

The Manchester High School for Girls       *

Latin GCSE |  A/AS Latin, Class. Civ.   

William Hulme’s Grammar School          *

Latin, Class.Civ.GCSE/A/AS  - all gone?   

Withington Girls’ Grammar School            *

Latin, Greek GCSE/A/AS   

 Xaverian College                            *

 Ancient History, Classical Civilisation    


Merchant Taylors, Crosby                *

Senior Boys | Senior Girls Latin, Greek, C.C.  

St Mary’s College, Crosby                 *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE, A level     


Halliford School, Shepperton            *

Latin, Classical Civilisation            

Hampton School                                *

Latin, Greek, Class.Civ.GCSE/AS/A   

Harrow School                                   *

Latin, Greek, Class Civ, A.Hist GCSE/A/AS   

Merchant Taylors School, Northwood    *

Latin, Greek GCSE/A/AS                   

Northwood College for Girls                 *

Latin, Class Civ GCSE/A/AS         

Nower Hill High School, Pinner               *

Latin, Cl.Civ, GCSE/A/AS|GCSE Greek, AH

Rooks Heath High School, Harrow         *

Latin, Greek,  Ancient History to A/AS     

St Helen’s School, Northwood               *

Latin, Cl. Civ. Greek  GCSE/AS/A     

St Ignatius College, Enfield                  *

Latin - enrichment?                  

St James Senior Boys, Ashford            *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation        

St John's Senior School, Enfield            *

Latin GCSE                            

Teddington School                              *

Latin GCSE extra-curricular?           

The John Lyon School, Harrow           *

Class.Civ.AS | Latin GCSE/AS|Greek GCSE

The Lady Eleanor Holles School Hampton    *

 A/ASLatin, Greek GCSE/AS/A | Classi. Civ


Haberdashers’ Monmouth Sch for Girls     *

Latin, Greek GCSE | Latin, Class Civ AS/A  


 Beeston Hall School, West Runton, Cromer   *

  Latin, Greek and Classics

Diss High School                             *

Classical Civ. AS/A                  

Gresham’s School                           *

Prep Latin | Latin GCSE/A/AS /IB       

Jane Austen College, Norwich          *

Latin GCSE/A Level?                  

King Edward VII Academy, King’s Lynn     *

Latin, A.History, Class. Civ. GCSE/A/AS  

Norwich School                               *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation   

 The Hewet academy, Norwich        *


Thetford Grammar School                *

Latin and Greek extra-curricular   

Wymondham High School                *

Classical Civilisation A/AS        


Beachborough School, Brackley             *  


Northampton High School                     *

Latin, Greek?,  GCSE C.C    “programme guide”

Spratton Hall, Spratton               *


Wellingborough School                       *

Latin GCSE | A/AS | Greek extra-curricular

 Winchester House School, Brackley      *

 Latin, Classics        

Wrenn School, Wellinborough             *

Latin GCSE/A/AS - gone         

Northern Ireland

Belfast High School                      *

Latin, Greek, Class.Civ. GCSE/AS/A     

Belfast Royal Academy                 *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civlisation       

Methodist College, Belfast            *

Latin, Classical Civilisation,     

 The Royal Belfast Academical Institution     *

 Latin ,  Latin, Classical Civilisation /A/AS   

North Yorkshire

Ampleforth College, York                  *

Classics dept. | Latin, Greek, Class Civ.   

Ashville College, Harrogate              *

Latin, Ancient History, Classical Civ.    

Aysgarth Prep. School, Bedale         *


Bootham School, York                      *

Latin, Classical Civilisation, Ancient History

 Cundall Manor School, Cundall           *

 Latin GCSE? Request a prospectus                            

Ermysted’s Grammar School, Skipton       *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civ. GCSE/AS/A  

 Graham School, Scarborough         *

 Latin GCSE                   

 Harrogate Ladies College                *

 Latin GCSE |  A Level            

Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick        *

GCSE/A/AS Latin, Greek, Class. Civ.     

Queen Mary’s School Thirsk               *

GCSE Latin, Classical Civilisation        

Ripon Grammar School                   *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS  

 St Aidan’s  St John Fisher Associated 6th   *

 Ancient History .pdf

 St John Fisher, Harrogate                *

  After-school Latin class

St Martin's Ampleforth, Gilling East       *

Latin, Greek                      


King Edward VI, Morpeth                  *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS   

Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham     *

Class Civ A/AS,     Latin GCSE         


Bilborough College, Nottingham           *

Latin GCSE in Year 13 -  gone                 

Hollygirt School, Nottingham              *

Junior Latin                                         

Nottingham Free School                    *

Latin -  gone                                          

Nottingham Girls High School           *

 Latin, Greek | A/AS Latin | A/AS Class. Civ.

Nottingham High School                    *

Classics home | Latin, Greek, Class Civ        

 Wellow House School, Newark         *


Worksop College                           *

Latin GCSE,  Classical Civilisation                   


 InterHigh Online School                     *

 Latin| Classical Civilisation A/AS               


Abingdon School                          *

Latin, Greek, Class Civ, A.H. GCSE/A/AS   

Bloxham School, Banbury                  *

Latin GCSE/AS/A  

Cheney School, Headington             *

Latin GCSE/ AS/A Community Classics Centre   

Cokethorpe School, Witney                 *

GCSE/A/AS Latin, Greek?  Class. Civ.      .pdf

Cothill House Prep, Nr Abingdon          *


Didcot School for Girls                         *

Classical Civilisation GCSE/A/AS  gone

D’ Overbroecks, Oxford                    *

 Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation

Dragon Preparatory School, Oxford        *

Classics , Latin, Greek| largest dept of its kind (9)

Headington School, Oxford                 *

Latin, Greek, Class. Civ. GCSE | A/AS

Kingham Hill School, Chipping Norton       *

Latin, Classical Civilisation

Magdalen College School                   *

Latin, Greek GCSE/AS/A

New College Prep. School, Oxford         *

Latin, Greek  

 The Oratory School, Woodcote        *

 GCSE/A/AS Latin, Greek, C.C.  Latin in Prep.  

Oxford High School                       *

Latin, Greek GCSE/AS/A

Radley College                         *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation

Rye St. Antony, Oxford              *

Latin GCSE /AS/A | Classical Civ. A/AS  

St Edward’s, Oxford                      *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation   

St Helen and St Katherine            *

Latin, Class Civ | Middle School | 6th Form

St Hugh’s Prep.,  Faringdon, Oxon   *

Latin , Greek

Tudor Hall, Banbury                     *

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE/AS/A  

Wheatley Park School , Holton        *

Latin GCSE

 Wood Green School, Witney            *

 Extra-curricular Intro to Latin


Oakham School                          *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation            

Uppingham School                        *

Latin, Greek, Class Civ, Ancient History       


Albyn School, Aberdeen                *

Latin, Classical Studies

Ardvreck Prep , Crieff, Perthshire        *


Calderside Acad, Blantyre, S. Lanarks     *

Latin? , Classical Studies   

Cargilfield  Prep. School, Edinburgh        *

Latin, Greek                                    

Dollar Academy, Clackmannanshire        *

Latin, Greek (?), Classical Studies       pdf :(

Fernhill School, Glasgow                    *

Latin (?)                                           

Fettes College                       *

Latin, Greek, Class. Civ | sixth form    pdfs :(

Garnock Community Campus, Ayreshire    *

Latin, Classical Studies ?                 

George Heriot’s School, Edinburgh          *

Latin, Greek, Classical Studies          

George Watson’s College, Edinburgh       *

Latin, Classical Studies                      

Glasgow Academy                               *

Latin, Classical Studies                    

Glenalmond College, Perth                 *

Latin, Greek, Ancient History            

Gordonstoun, Elgin                            *

Greek, Latin, Class Civ GCSE/A

 Grantown Grammar, Grantown on Spey    *

 Classical Studies, Greek and Latin

Hamilton College, Motherwell               *

Classics and Latin at all levels ? Request prospectus?  

High School of Glasgow                         *

Latin, Greek, Classical Studies

Hutchesons Grammar School, Glasgow        *

Latin, Greek. Classical Studies?  download prospectus

Lanark Grammar School, South Lanarkshire   *

Latin | Classical Studies                        

Madras College, Fife                       *

Classics and Latin                              

Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh        *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation      

Robert Gordon’s College, Aberdeen         *

Latin, Greek,Cl.St.? Download curriculum (67 pages)

St Aloysius College, Glasgow                  *

Latin and Class. St. - S1 - Adv. Higher         

St Columba’s School, Inverclyde          *

Latin | Classical Studies                   

St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh     *

Latin, Greek, Classical Studies            

Strathallan, Perth                          *

Latin, Classical Civilisation                    

Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh        *


The Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh          *

Latin, Classical Studies   6th Form         

The Royal High School, Edinburgh           *

 Classical Studies                         

Wellington School, Ayr                        *

Latin, Classical Studies                      


Adcote School, Shrewsbury                  *

Latin GCSE? |  A/AS?                           

Ellesmere College                                 *

Classics, Latin, Greek                        

Meole Brace School, Shrewsbury        *

Latin, Classical Civilisation?? Options pdf

Moor Park School, Ludlow                  *

Latin, Greek                                    

Moreton Hall, Oswestry                *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation           

Packwood Haugh, Shrewsbury       *

Latin, Greek, Classics                       

Shrewsbury School                 *

Latin, Greek, Class. Civ. at all levels         

Shrewsbury High School              *

Latin GCSE | Latin, Clas. Civ. A/AS      

Sir John Talbot’s, Whitchurch           *

Greek beginners?, Latin, A/AS?               


Bruton School for Girls                         *

Latin GCSE | A/AS  (optional extra-curricular)  

Hazelgrove Preparatory School, Yeovil    *


King's School Bruton                  *

Lati, Greek  GCSE | Classical Civ. A/AS          

King’s College, Taunton               *

Latin GCSE | AS/A2                           

Millfield School, Street                 *

Latin and Greek GCSE/A/AS              

Queen’s College, Taunton               *


Taunton School                                 *

Latin, Greek, Class.Civ. GCSE/A/AS     

Wellington School, Wellington            *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation           

Wells Cathedral School                  *

Classics, Latin GCSE/A/AS                             

South Yorkshire

Birkdale School - Sheffield               *

Latin, Greek, Class. Civ. GCSE | A/AS            

High Storrs School, Sheffield             *

Classics and Latin                             

Sheffield  Girls’ High School             *

Latin GCSE A/AS | Class. Civ. A/AS         


Newcastle Under Lyme School                *

Latin GCSE  | Latin A/AS        

 The Rawlett School, Tamworth              *

 Will offer Latin next year


Culford School, Bury St.Edmonds          *

GCSE Latin| A/ASClass Civ, Latin ?           

Ipswich School                                 *

Latin, Classical Civ. GCSE/AS/A         

Ipswch High S. for Girls, Woolverstone      *

Classics and Latin                             

 Ixworth Free school                     *

 Latin at KS3 next year?

Moreton Hall Prep.,  Bury St Edmunds      *


 Samuel Ward Academy, Haverhill          *

 GCSE/A/AS Classical Civilisation                    

 Sir John Leman High School, Beccles         *

 Latin GCSE  | A/AS Classical Civilisation       

 St Felix School, Southwold                   *

 Latin and Classics GCSE/A/AS

The Royal Hospital School, Ipswich        *

GCSE Latin, Class. Civ. |  A/AS C.Civ, Latin    

 Thomas Gainsborough school, Sudbury       *

  Latin and Class. Civ to GCSE

Thomas Mills Academy, Framlingham       *

Classical Civilisation | Latin                   

Woodbridge School                        *

GCSE Latin, Greek | A/AS Latin, Class Civ           


Aldro Preparatory School, Godalming      *


Caterham School                 *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation

Charterhouse, Godalming         *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation

City of London Freemen’s Sc Ashtead Park   *

Latin, GCSE/AS/A, Classical Civilisation AS/A

 Cobham Free School, Cobham               *


Cranleigh School, Cranleigh              *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation

 Edgeborough School, Farnham             *


Epsom College                      *

Latin, Greek

 Esher High School                    *

 Latin extra-curricular  

 Ewell Castle School, Ewell                   *

 Classical Civilisation GCSE/A  

George Abbot School, Guildford          *

Latin, Cl. Civ. Gone?  “Non sibi sed toti”

Greenshaw High School, Sutton               *

Latin GCSE  Class. Civ. A/AS

Guildford High School                       *


 Halliford School, Shepperton                  *

 Latin GCSE/Class.Civ. GCSE/A/AS

Hampton Court House, East Molesey          *

Latin GCSE

Hazelwood School, Oxted                 *

Latin and Greek  

Highfield Prep School, Liphook          *

Latin, Classics??  

King Edward’s School, Witley           *

GCSE and IB Latin

Kingston Gr. Kingston Upon Thames      *

Latin, Greek, Class. Civ.  

Lanesborough School, Guildford         *

Latin, Classics

 Manor House School, Bookham       *

 Latin, Classical Civilisation

Nonsuch High School, Cheam          *

Latin, Greek

Notre Dame Senior School, Cobham     *

Latin GCSE/A/AS | Class.Civ. A/AS

Oxted School                       *

Classical Civilisation A/AS?

 Priors Field School, Godalming        *

 Latin GCSE | A/AS Classical Civilisation?

Reeds School, Cobham                *

Latin | Classical Civilisation?

 Reigate College                         *

 Latin | Classical Civilisation A/AS

Reigate Grammar School             *

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation

 Riddlesdown Collegiate, Purley        *

 Latin GCSE  

Royal Grammar School, Guildford      *

Classics, Greek, Latin, Classical Civ.

Shrewsbury House School, Surbiton         *


Sir William Perkins’ School, Chertsey        *

GCSE/ A/AS Latin, Class. Civ Greek? d/l prospectus

St Catherine’s School, Guildford          *

Latin, Greek, Classics                    

St. Edmunds School, Hindhead

Latin, Greek, Classi.Civ. GCSE         

 St James Senior Boys, Ashford

 Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation         

 St.John’s, Leatherhead

 Latin, Greek, Classical  Civ. GCSE/A/      

St Teresa’s , Effingham

Latin, Class.Civ. A/AS/ GCSE                

 Teddington School, Richmond

 Latin GCSE  extra curricular                

The Hawthorns Primary, Bletchlingly

Latin and Classical Civilisation                   

The John Fisher School, Purley

Latin, C.Civ.A/AS . Classics Club  All gone   

Tiffin School, Kingston upon Thames

Latin, Greek                             

The Tiffin Girls’ S, Kingston upon Thames

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation       

 The Winston Churchill School, Woking

 Latin  KS3                                                     

Tolworth Girls School, Surbiton

Classical Civilisation                         

Tormead School, Guildford

Latin Greek Class. Civ GCSE/A/AS        

Wallington County Grammar School

Latin (twilight), Classical Civilisation         

Wallington High School for Girls

 Latin twilight                    

Wilson’s School, Wallington

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation       

 Winston Churchill School

  Latin at KS3

 Wisborough Green Primary


Woking College

Latin A/AS  | Classical Civilisation            

 Woking High School

 Latin GCSE                                           

Woldingham School, Woldingham

 GCSE Latin | A/AS Latin, Class. Civ.      

Sussex East

Battle Abbey School

Latin and Greek extra curricular        

Bede’s Senior School

Latin, Greek | Prep School Latin,Greek      

Blatchington Mill School , Hove

Latin (WJEC) GCSE Club    gone          

Brighton College

Latin, Greek | A/AS                

Brighton and Hove High School

Latin,Greek GCSE/A/AS | Class Civ A/AS     

Cardinal Newman Catholic High, Hove

Latin GCSE - gone?                          

Dorothy Stringer School, Brighton

Latin GCSE                                

Dorset House School, Brighton

Latin, Greek                               

Eastbourne College, Eastbourne

Latin, Greek Classical Civilisation       

Gildredge House School, Eastbourne

Latin GCSE  (A/AS, Classical Civilisation?)      

 Lewes Old Grammar School

 Latin Club                                      

Moira House School, Eastbourne

Latin GCSE/A/AS                                   

Patcham High School, Brighton

Latin GCSE                                             

 Peacehaven School

  Latin to GCSE

Priory School, Lewes

Latin, Classics GCSE?  Zip files :(                

Roedean, Brighton

GCSE Latin | A/AS Latin, Clas.l Civ.        

St. Andrew’s Prep School, Eastbourne


The St Leonard’s Academy

 Latin GCSE                                      

Mayfield School,  Mayfield

Latin | Greek | Classical Civilisation          

Varndean College, Brighton

Latin | Classical Civilisation                    

Varndean School, Brighton

Latin GCSE xtra curr. (within Languages)      

Vinehall Preparatory, Robertsbridge


Sussex West

Ardingly College, Haywards Heath

GCSE Latin, Class. Civ. | A/AS                   

Bishop Luffa School, Chichester

Latin GCSE  A/AS?                       

Burgess Hill School for Girls

Latin GCSE | Latin, Class. Civ A/AS        

Chichester High School for Girls

Latin GCSE |                                

Christ’s Hospital School. Horsham

GCSE Latin, Greek | A/AS Latin          

Collyer’s College, Horsham

GCSE Latin, A/AS Class.Civ.?            

Cumnor House, Haywards Heath


Dorset House School, Bury

Latin, Greek                                 

Farlington School, Horsham

GCSE/A/AS Latin | A/AS Class.Civ.           

Hazelwick School , Crawley

GCSE Latin | A/AS Latin                    

Hurstpierpoint College, Hassocks

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation          

Lancing College

Latin, Greek, Class.Civ.GCSE/A/AS          

St. Philip Howard Catholic H.S., Barnham

Latin, Classical Civilisation   GCSE/AS/A           

Warden Park Academy, Cuckfield

Latin, Classical Civilisation                       

 Wisborough Green Primary, Billingshurst


Worth School, Turners Hill

Latin, Greek GCSE/AS/A                        


Dykehouse Sports/Tech College, Hartlepool

Latin GCSE     gone?                                  

Yarm School, Stockton on Tees

Latin, Greek, Class. Civ, Ancient History         

Tyne and Wear

 Emmanuel College, Gateshead

 Latin GCSE/A/AS                                    

Newcastle High School for Girls, Jesmond

Latn, Greek, Classical Civilisation             

Royal Grammar School Newcastle

GCSE/A/AS  Latin, Greek, Anc. Hist.       

St. Anthony’s Academy, Sunderland

A/AS Classical Civ.( A Social Science.)        


Bishop Vaughan Catholic Sch, Swansea

Classics and Latin                                

Cathedral School, Llandaff

Latin GCSE pdf | A/AS Latin | pdf             

Crickhowell High School, Powys


Ffynone House, Swansea

Latin GCSE | A Level latin, Class.Civ.     

 Fitzalan High School, Cardiff

 Latin, Ancient History                

Howell’s School, Lladaff

Latin, Classical Civilisation                  

 Monmouth School for Boys

 Latin Greek, Classical Civilisation       

 Monmouth School for Girls

  Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation       

Rougemont School, Newport

GCSE Latin                                           

Ruthin School

GCSE Latin, A/AS Classical Civilisation      

Rydal Penrhos School, Colwyn Bay

Latin GCSE extra curricular                

 Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr,Gowerton

 Latin after school                                 


 Bilton Grange Prep. School, Rugby

 Latin and Classics                      

Kenilworth School and Sixth Form

Latin GCSE                                 

King Edwatd VI S, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Latin, Classical Civilisation, Greek       

King Edward 6Coll, Nuneaton

AS/A2 Classical Civilisation              

King’s High School for Girls, Warwick

Latin GCSE and A Level                    

 Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby

 Will offer Latin next year

Princethorpe College, Rugby

Latin (WJEC),  A Level on negotiation     

Rugby High School for Girls    ?

Latin, Class. Civ. GCSE/A/AS     ?                  

Rugby School

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation         

Stratford Girls’ Grammar School

GCSE  Latin         gone?                   

Twycross House School, nr Atherstone

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation       

Warwick School

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation      

West Midlands

Bablake School, Coventry

 GCSE latin,Class Civ Greek|AL Latin Class.Civ

Barr's Hill School,  Coventry

 will offer Latin next year

Edgebaston High School for Girls

 Class. Civ.| Latin | Greek |   A/AS            

King Edward’s School, Birmingham

 Latin, Greek                                    

King Edward VI Five Ways  Birmingham

 Latin, Classical Civ. A/AS                       

 King Edward VI H.S.for Girls, Birmingham

 Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation       

King Henry VIII School, Coventry

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation           

Old Swinford Hospital, Stourbridge

Latin gone? Classical Civilisation               

 President Kennedy School,  Coventry

Will offer Latin next year

Sidney Stringer Academy, Coventry

Latin GCSE for G&T?                            

Solihull School

Latin, Classical Civilisation                 

St Martin’s School, Solihull

GCSE Latin, Class Civ| AL Latin, Class. Civ??    

 Stoke Park School,  Coventry

 Will offer Latin next year

Windsor High S. and 6 Form, Halesowen

A.History/Class.Civ. Latin?                   

Wolverhampton Girls’ High School

Latin, Classical Civilisation                   

Wolverhampton Grammar School

 GCSE/A/AS Latin, Classical Civilisation       

West Yorkshire

Queen Elizabeth Grammar, Wakefield

Greek, Latin, Classical Civilisation               

Silcoates School, Wakefield

Latin GCSE                             

 King James School, Huddersfield

 Latin, Classical Civilisation  GCSE                 

The North Halifax Grammar School

Latin GCSE/ A/AS       - gone?                     

Wakefield Girls’ High School

Classics, Latin, Greek                       


Dauntsey's, West Lavington, Devizes

Latin, Classical Civilisation           

Godolphin, Salisbury

Latin and Greek at GCSE/AS/A             

Marlborough College

Latin, Greek, Class. Civ.GCSE, A/AS, IB      

 Marlborough House School

 Latin and Classics                               

New College, Swindon

A/AS Class. Civ.                            

St John’s School, Marlborough

Latin, Classical Civilisation | Alevel CC      

St Mary’s , Calne

Latin Greek, Classical Civilisation            

South Wilts Grammar School for Girls

GCSE Latin | A/AS Class Civ. 6 Form      


Birkenhead School                       *

 Latin  GCSE/AS/A | Class Civ.A/AS

Calday Grange Grammar , West Kirby

Latin GCSE/A/AS, (Greek off timetable?)     

St Anselm’s College, Birkenhead

Latin GCSE gone?                        

West Kirby Grammar School

Latin GCSE A/AS                             


Abberley Hall School, Worcester

Latin and Greek                                      

 Bromsgrove School

 Latin, Classical Civilisation A/AS         

 Christopher Whitehead Language College

 Classical Civilisation                     

King’s School, Worcester

Classics GCSE | Latin GCSE/AS/A               

Malvern College

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation          

Malvern St James School

Latin GCSE/AS/A | Greek | Class.Civ.AS/A     

Prince Henry’s High School

Latin GCSE gone?                                

Royal Grammar School, Worcester

Latin, Classical Civilisation GCSE A/ AS   

Winterfold House , Chaddesley Corbett


Worcester Sixth Form College

Classical Civilisation AS/A             


Bradford Girls Grammar School

Latin GCSE |  AS/A Class.Civ.pdf          

Bradford Grammar School

Latin,Greek,Cl.Civ.? Request a prospectus?  

Pocklington School, York

Latin AL (d/load choices, p.21),  GCSE           

Queen Margaret’s School, York

Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation           

St Olave’s, York  8 - 13

Latin, Classics                               

St Peter’s School, York

Latin, Greek , Classical Civilisation           

Terrington Hall Prep School,  York

Latin and Greek                            

The Mount School, York

Latin, Classical Civilisation                      

The Grammar School at Leeds

Latin, Greek, Classical Civ                

UK University Sites       

Classics departments worldwide

University of Birmingham

London, Royal Holloway (RHUL)

University of Bristol

London, University College (UCL)

University of Cambridge

University of Manchester

University of Cardiff

University of Newcastle

University of Durham

The Open University

University of Edinburgh

University of Oxford

University of Exeter

Brasenose College, Oxford

University of Glasgow

University of Reading

University of Kent

University of St Andrews

University of Leeds

Uni of Surrey (Roehampton)

University of Leicester

University of Swansea

University of Liverpool

Univerity of Wales, Lampeter

Uni of London, Birkbeck College

Univerity of Warwick

London, King’s College (KCL)

University of Sussex (PGCE in Classics)

Links , wherever possible, are direct to Classics departments

Extra curricular (!)

Classical Civilisation, Ancient

History, Ancient Greek

“Here, Latin comes alive with a Mexican wave”

“Expectation and Excellence” -

but no Classics

“ Able linguists in year 8 are given the opportunity to study Latin at lunchtimes”

Apart from that apparently no Classics in this outstanding School.

“you are invited to place these subjects in your basket”  :-( PS


“Excellence in Everything”

but no Classics of any kind


“No other subject area spans such a wide range of different and interesting elements”

respice, adspice, prospice

“Classical Civilisation: A thoroughly exciting subject!”

“The study of Latin and other Classical subjects at any level can be extremely beneficial to students’ literacy and their skills of problem-solving and evaluation.”

“Latin is very much alive and kicking”

“Classics for everybody”

“……we value the precision of Latin and Greek for their own sake …….”

 “Latin is an integral part of the Languages department here. It is highly successful subject with regards to uptake and students & teachers alike enjoy diverse and interesting lessons. “

“We  believe strongly in the value

of a classical education.”

“The Classics Department is lively and forward thinking and is as strong today as ever”

“Latin comes alive here!”

“Not to know Latin,” as the central character in James Joyce’s ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’ lamented, “is to be forever a shy guest at the feast of the world’s culture.”

 “Over half of English words come from Latin, and all pupils here enjoy the benefits of getting a grasp of this most influential language at Year 5.”

appears to be no departmental pages - unless hidden in a VLE

“breadth, balance and quality” -

but no Classics at Chethams

“welcome to your future”

but no Classics  Bilborough

“Education should be an inspiring introduction to the wonders of our world.” … but no Classics here  Sidcot

 “Our aim is to allow as many students as possible to gain knowledge, understanding and an appreciation of the language, literature, history, art and culture of the classical (Greek and Roman) world”

“There is an open choice of subjects at Key Stage 5, and many students cross the arts/science divide”

But no Classics at this “outstanding” flagship academy

“We offer an excellent all-round education in an idyllic rural location”

But no Classics here

 “providing high quality education for over 375 years to students in the city and surrounding area”

But no Classics here

“Latin is probably the only subject that has been taught in the school almost continuously since 1660”

“Classics is thriving and popular here”

“There’s something for everyone in Classics, and Classics is for everyone.”

“Instead of thinking of his school work, as he often does, as a series of horrible gloomy tasks, his memories will be of pleasant hours which he thoroughly enjoyed. If you remember that Latin is, for some boys, the highest intellectual exercise he has ever had or ever will have, you will see that these pleasant memories would be transferred to intellectual work.”

Dr WHD Rouse, Headmaster of

The Perse School  1902-1928

"Perhaps the single most important quality (for management) is the ability to communicate clearly and succinctly. I can think of no better way to learn these skills than by the study of Classics." (Sir Anthony Cleaver, Former Chair of IBM, Head of UK Atomic Energy Authority)

Dorothy Sayers, from the National Review, writes:

“I will say at once, quite firmly, that the best grounding for education is the Latin grammar. I say this not because Latin is traditional and medieval, but simply because even a rudimentary knowledge of Latin cuts down the labour and pains of learning almost any other subject by at least fifty percent.”

“We are all already Classicists, however much (or little) we think we know about the Greeks and Romans. We can never come to Classics as complete strangers.  There is no other foreign culture that is so much part of our history.”

Mary Beard and John Henderson

“The school is of course committed to academic excellence.

The breadth of our academic achievement was reflected in OFSTED's 2007 inspection report which identified the school as outstanding in every category.”

But no Classics here

“To amputate Classics from the modern world…would mean bleeding wounds in the body of Western culture – and a dark future of misunderstanding.”

Professor Mary Beard, University of Cambridge

“Studying Latin will make you one of a rare breed of people who can actually read the world around them as a product of its ancient past.”

It is said that Latin and Greek are dead languages, but here we know that the opposite is true.

The bloodstream of European literature is Latin and Greek - not as two systems of circulation, but one, for it is through Rome that our parentage in Greece must be traced. ”

T S Eliot

Classical Studies is a very popular subject in many New Zealand Secondary Schools

our successful pupils continue to display the logical thinking skills and linguistic abilities that students of the classics have shown for generations

Lumen accipe et imperti

Receive The Light And Pass It On.

"My son is now between nine and ten and should begin Greek at once. I would make them all learn English; and then I would make the clever ones learn Latin as an honour and Greek as a treat."

–  Winston Churchill

 When children are taught Latin, it not only improves their spelling and grammar but also their command of their own language. It aids comprehension of the structure of languages and therefore makes it easier to learn modern foreign languages. It also gives access to some of the world’s finest literature and deepens their understanding and appreciation of history. Such breadth in a subject is unique in the school curriculum.

“Providing top quality education”

but no Classics here -  Debenham

“Realising potential”

But no Classics here

Howell’s, Denbigh

‘Almost everything men have said best has been said in Greek’

Marguerite Yourcenar

Belgian-born French novelist and essayist

Latin is compulsory in the Lower School; a policy welcomed by the English and Modern Languages departments, as well as by the scientists and mathematicians. They all appreciate the skills that Latin teaches pupils

Latin is probably the only subject that has been taught in the school almost continuously since 1660

Sir Anthony Cleaver, Chairman of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and also of the Royal College of Music; previously Chairman and Chief Executive of IBM:

'I have always thought it ironic that so many people consider the study of Classics irrelevant or unimportant for the modern world. I found the skills I developed during my classical education invaluable wherever I have been working - in particular the ability to do rigorous analysis and to communicate clearly.'

“Opportunity, Excellence, Understanding”

But no Classics here

“For Everyone the Best”

But no Classics here  

Classicists are everywhere – they do all kinds of jobs. What distinguishes them from everything else? They’re never  boring.

From Head’s Blog

“Many of the most successful future scientists and engineers among our pupils have a passion for Classics.  The popularity of our Classics department is down to good teaching of interesting material;  there is no doubt that a grounding in Classics equips all our pupils with thinking skills which enable them to live their adult lives within a framework of well-reasoned and logical values.   The skills they learn in Classics are relevant for any other intellectual discipline, profession or career.  It is breadth of understanding and the ability to be comfortable in any situation which makes pupils from Gordon’s so successful.  Skills, after all, are transferable and knowledge is indivisible. “

“Nil nisi bonum”

But no Latin here  e High

“Finally, one great benefit of the study of Latin  is that it provides a chance for every pupil, regardless of ability, to have a positive experience and sense of achievement in an allegedly difficult subject. Personal experience confirms that many children, even those with various ‘language problems’, enjoy Latin and can do very well. Those with high ability are stretched. All join their next school with a solid background in Latin language and Classical studies, which will enhance their lives and their learning for years to come.”

“A balanced curriculum” - but no Classics at Colyton

 “Forti nihil difficile”

 But no Classics here Southend BHS

"I will say at once, quite firmly,

that the best grounding for

education is the Latin grammar".

Dorothy Sayers  - The Lost Tools of Learning

Our motto,

Learning Changes Lives

(Eruditio Vitas Commutat),

 reflects our belief in the importance of our work. Our core purpose is to ensure that every student makes outstanding progress.

But no longer Latin here  

(Archbishop Lanfranc, Croydon)





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“Una laborantes - working together”

King’s School Winchester

Floreat Schola

Doctrina cum virtute

But no Latin here

Richard Hale School

The dreaded “Further Information Booklet. pdf

"My son is now between nine and ten and should begin Greek at once. I would make them all learn English; and then I would make the clever ones learn Latin as an honour and Greek as a treat."

–  Winston Churchill

Non palma sine pulvere


At St John’s Senior School, Enfield

From departmental presence to

the dreaded 36 page  .pdf

Departmental web pages increasingly being replaced by lengthy, glossy brochures

Or the subject is just mentioned in passing

Or just impossible (?) to find

Or just a Staff list?

Or possibly in a 67 page curriculum booklet download?


The Association for Latin Teaching

respice prospice