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    Future Events:

  The next ARLT Refresher Day  will be held at Nower Hill High School, Pinner, Middlesex on Saturday 3rd March 2018 - details to  follow

   The next ARLT Summer School will again be held at Uppingham School - details to follow

Christopher Grocock

Philip Harper


Clades Variana

Ben Kane

Marching along Hadrian’s Wall

Ben Kane

ACE: Advocating Classics Education

Prof. Edith Hall

Virgil, Aeneid 8

Prof.Matthew Leigh

Classics and Film

Dr Joanna Paul

Roman Britain and the Bloomberg Tablets

Dr Christopher Grocock

Roman Food

Sally Grainger


Dr Esther Eidinow

ARLT Antiquities Collection

Philip Harper - Curator

Option Groups


Beginners CLC - Steven Hunt

GCSE OCR verse set text - Ana Henderson

Read it Right - John Hazel (also in block D)

Cicero pro Milone, A level set Text -  (Robert West absent)

Going to the Underworld in Homer, Virgil and 20th century literature - Fiona Gow


Teaching the CLC - Steven Hunt

GCSE OCR set texts, Virgil 4/6, Druides - Tilly Cooper

AL Greek set text, Acharnians 1-203, 366-392 - Pat Bunting

CLC IVB - Lauren Douglas

Greek Theatre/Tragedy/Comedy - Martin Gibson

Colloquia Latina - A. Gratius Avitus


Common Entrance Latin - Linda Soames

WJEC/Eduqua Latin lit. - Lynda Goss/Liz Scott

GCSE Greek set text, Eur. Alcestis, 280-392 - Sam Baddeley

AS/A Propertius/Tibullus/Ovid,Margaret Baird/Alison Henshaw

Latin Prose Composition - John Hazel

 Why not Martial?  - Nigel Coulton


 Brush up your Latin - Peter Geall

Greek beyond GCSE- Philip Harper

AL Latin,Tacitus Ann. 1, 3-7, 11-14, 46-49 - Hilary Walters

New Testament Greek - Sarah Bourne

Ben Kane

Our Guest Speakers

Edith Hall

Matthew Leigh

Joanna Paul

Sally Grainger

Esther Eidinow


The Romani Walk

This year’s Summer School was directed jointly by Alison Henshaw, Helen Lowe, Laura Beech and Margaret Baird

   I became aware of the ARLT summer school through Twitter. My main reason for coming for the first time was that, as is common amongst classics teachers, I do not often meet other classics teachers in real life and I thought the idea of over 50 classics teachers in one room all talking about classics was rather thrilling. I knew no one prior to attending however from the moment I arrived to the moment I left I was made to feel welcome. Everybody without exception was inclusive, kind and treated me as though I had been coming for 20 years. The options groups were well structured and provided practical teaching resources and genuinely useful discussions about the set texts. The lectures were interesting and informative, the entertainment entertaining, the opportunities for informal discussions with other classics teachers invaluable. I had numerous conversations with others about challenges they had faced which were very similar to the challenges I was facing in my own school and this made me feel as though I was part of a wider campaign for classical justice rather than a lone soldier. In summary, I cannot believe that I have been a classics teacher for six years and have never come before.  

Rebecca Casson, The Queens School, Chester        

Reflections on our first ARLT Summer School

respice prospice!

 ARLT entertains - just a flavour

Alison Henshaw gives the oratio valedictoria

John Hazel recites Shakespeare and Horace

Peter Geall sings Dido’s Lament, a la  Piaf

The Judgment of Paris - for laughs

Philip Harper sings - for laughs

Steven Hunt plays Gershwin, (despite some suspect piano keys !)

And not forgetting the ARLT Songbook!

ARLT at Uppingham School 2017 Ben Kane with his lucky phallus Ana Henderson's Option Group on the GCSE verse set texts Hilary Walters' Tacitus set text Option Group Imperium Latin Course

  The ARLT acknowledges its debt to generations past but looks forward with renewed confidence as its newest members take up the torch and ensure a bright future for the promulgation and learning of Latin

ARLT in Lincoln

Julian Morgan’s Imperium

Alison Henshaw, Helen Lowe, Laura Beech and Margaret Baird

Summer School 2017 Uppingham School