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The Association for Latin Teaching



Recordings of set texts of Aeneid 9 and Ovid Met. III, now available here


Durham 2014

Report on the ARLT Summer School 2014 now available here


The History of ARLT in Latin

Read John Hazel’s account here


Reading Competition 2014

Results: now available here


ARLT Annual Refresher Day

Teaching materials and files now available here


New from Open Book Publishers:

Tacitus Annals 15.20­-23, 33­-45: More On the BLOG


“Sicily: the Land of Gods”

An opportunity to promote a cultural exchange between an Italian and an English school about classical themes. Read about it on the BLOG . Here is a Presentation


“Read it Right”, the work of Wilf O’Neill and previously featured  on his website, is now available through ARLT here

Disappearance of Classics in Education

Read about it in the BLOG


The Burgess Hill School Golden Sponge-Stick Competition results are here


Julian Morgan is a good friend of ARLT and well known for his resources for Classics. Here is his announcement of a brand new course for teaching Latin.


Tuition scholarships available at  the Academy Vivarium Novum in Rome

Full details here


ARLT Latin Reading Competition 2013 - the results


Read Wilf O’Neill’s obituary here


Details of Wilf O’Neill’s funeral are here


RIP Wilf O’Neill

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Wilf O’Neill.

Details of funeral arrangements  and obituary to follow


The Moreton Hall,  2012 Summer School Report .

Read or download


TWEET in Latin? See our Blog  or go direct to the Twitter Translation Service


Open Book Publishers: Aeneid 4. 1-299

Information about this newly released publication is

available here.


ARLT audio files

Recordings of GCSE Latin set texts 2013-2014: Section B Aeneid 12. Available now here.


Open Book Publisher announces forthcoming publication of  Aeneid 4.1–299: Latin text, study questions, commentary,

and interpretive essays’ by Ingo Gildenhard.  Price: £14.95

This work focuses on one of the  OCR A-Level set texts on the syllabus 2013-2015

Free to read, digital and paper

editions | pr-order


Classical Anthology website

a new venture set up by Jane Mason in collaboration with Stephen Jenkin; it is linked to the Classics Library, but open to everyone. Website  |  flyer

respice prospice

Pat Bunting

President of ARLT 2014-15

W. H. D. Rouse

Founder of ARLT

Founded in 1911 by W. H. D Rouse, the Association is run by and for teachers of Latin. The Association originally set out to “reform” the teaching of Latin  - hence the “R” in ARLT. Nowadays, the teaching of Latin by the Direct Method has all but gone, yet we retain our name, if only to remind us of our roots. You can read the history of ARLT in Latin here.

This site is available to everyone interested in the teaching of Latin and related subjects. You will only need to register if you want to access the pages specifically intended for practising teachers. The Association now provides a range of services, including:

  • Summer Schools
  • Refresher Days
  • Private Tutor listings and advertisements for Tutors
  • Teaching Materials
  • Teaching Help
  • Audio recordings of GCSE and and A Level Texts
  • Links to many of the major  providers of Latin teaching
  • The ARLT BLOG and Message Board